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Black Girl in Shanghai

Your survival guide to moving overseas and teaching English in China’s most magical city completely stress-free!

Imagine yourself strolling through the bustling streets of the Paris of the East, feeling confident AF and prepared for all the adventures that life’s about to send your way.

Savoring delicious street food, navigating the efficient transportation system, immersing yourself in the unique culture and lifestyle of Shanghai, and communicating effectively with locals.

A dream? 

Nah girl, just years of trial and error documented by yours truly, your digital sister, AKA me!

From the documents you need to prepare, to the survival apps you need to download, to the common scams you need to watch out for, this guide got you covered.

Plus, two bonus chapters on WeChat and Mandarin terminology will ensure that you can communicate effectively and feel confident in any situation! How about that?!

Get ready to unsubscribe from blurry and vague tips found here and there on the internet, Black Girl in Shanghai is all about practical tips and best practices to lead you straight to success, no bulls*it included.

And the best part? It’s just a click away.

What is it like being
a black woman living in Shanghai, teaching English, and thriving while living her best life?

Chastity - Female Author

Being the 3rd biggest city on Earth, Shanghai has nothing to envy to New York or Paris in terms of modernity and boasts a blended culture of the East and the West.

Its historical charm, modern trendiness, and futuristic development are perfectly blended to make the city a top destination for both Chinese and internationals alike. But there are a million details to account for to make sure your experience is going to be truly one of a kind.

Does this sound like you?

Will the cultural difference affect me? How about social life? Will I find my community? How is a black girl seen in Asia? What’s the school system like? What finances should I account for?

Grab your copy of Black Girl in Shanghai and a cup of your favorite coffee, we’re getting you settled today!

What's Included?

black girl self-empowerment coach in Shanghai

Wait! There’s more…

Along with the guide, you will get a FREE checklist to prepare your trip at best!

Praise for Black Girl in Shanghai
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About the Author

Hi! I’m Chastity,
your virtual soul sister.

Author, educator, and content creator, who made it her life mission to empower women just like you, to discover their full potential through education, self-exploration, and inspiration. Through my books, programs and sessions I’ll walk you hand in hand on how to put yourself first unapologetically, birth creative ideas, set new expectations for your life, while encouraging you to ask yourself the right questions to move in that direction.



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